We Care as We Share

SHARE’ – A word used very frequently in our day-to-day lives. There are actually so many situations that require the use of this word. For instance, we share our homes with our family members, we share our lunch with our friends, companies share their profits, we share our experiences, ideas and feelings, we share our most precious moments of joy with our loved ones…and the list is endless! But how is this mere 5-lettered word so important in our lives? The English dictionary might define it as a verb used to describe the division of something between two or more people or giving some of what you have to somebody else. But according to me, sharing is actually a feeling; a feeling which brings a million dollar smile on everyone’s face. It is a beautiful amalgamation of joyous emotions which makes the other person understand how much we care for them. It spreads love and happiness all around. Let us consider a very common and hilarious situation of the sharing of one of the world’s tastiest food items – A Pizza. If I and one of my friends are sitting and having a pizza, we would of course divide it equally as both of us would be hungry. But still, if one last piece would be left, both of us would love to have it (because that is human nature). Now, if we have a fight over the last piece, it would definitely spoil our moods and lead to tensions between our friendship. Instead of this what we do is to divide the last piece also in equal halves and share it. Now, we are eventually not sharing only the pizza but also feelings of laughter, happiness and self contentment. This is called SHARING! The world around us is so big.
Everyone needs love and sharing is the best way to spread it. The word ‘share’ also originates another rhyming word which has exactly the same meaning – “CARE”. It can be defined as the provision of what is necessary for health, welfare and maintenance. But actually, it has a much deeper sense than this. Care is a means to blossom and flourish love. There are so many people who we love and care for. It can be our parents, friends, cousins, relatives, teachers etc. We can go to any extent to help them because we care for them. You must be wondering how caring is linked to sharing as they denote two completely different words. But friends, think carefully about the act of sharing. We always share with the ones who we care for. The relation between sharing and caring is like the one between Newton and Physics. Caring is a part of sharing, or not just a part, it is the heart of sharing. Look around yourself. Everyone needs so much of love and happiness. And we, as individuals, have the potential to do this. Let us help the poor and needy by sharing our food and clothes with them. Let us care for the animals who are most of the time, the silent sufferers. Let us not restrict ourselves to our own communities but act as global citizens and serve the world. People like Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi have set great examples for us and now, it’s our turn to follow their footsteps. Let us thank God for this beautiful and precious life and make an effort to beautify other people’s lives in the same manner. So, in the end, I would like to say – “SHARE and CARE”. Take a pledge now…

When you care you share,
And when you share you care.
Sharing and caring go hand in hand,
Now think on which level do you stand!
Share whatever you can to help someone in need,
Then you will see yourself as a happier and a better person indeed.
Sharing is caring when done from the heart with pleasure,
The good returns are infinite and the rewards one cannot measure.
Care for plants,
animals and book too,
Share them and see how the world looks at you.
When we share the world will look better,
We feel proud and happier than ever.
If you have got my point, why don't you give a small treat,
To the little dog sitting on your street.
It is never too late,
So get up and start sharing.
Sharing always doubles the fun,
It is much better than being the only one.
So what do you plan to share,
With the people who need your care.
When each of us will give a bit,
Home of many people will be lit.
Rewards you will receive are beyond compare,
When you care and you share

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