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They are doing 10 ways to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Sharing And Caring: Through Books

Books are a man’s best friend. Sharing of books is the best thing in the world as when we share books we share knowledge. With knowledge a person can overcome every obstacle in life and can tackle problems with intelligence. A book is the residence of thousand facts and figures that can make a person’s mind boggle. We can share this treasure by giving our old books to the less fortunate or maybe someone who requires it more than us. The books can be any of our old story books that we used to read when we were kids or even our course books of the last session. One more thing we can do is to give our books to the library which can share it with a hundreds of people. Libraries are a kind of institutions which share the books with people as well as take care of them.

Many people come to issue books from the library and the library shares it books with a variety of people. There are books of different genres, authors, topics etc which interest the people. The librarian takes care of these books so that they are not damaged and can further be taken by other people. This is the most common way of sharing and caring and the most useful one too !

Sharing and Caring: Through Media

Acting is the best way I think that can spread a social message worldwide .
Every Indian would be proud to know that recently Shahrukh Khan was honored with Pyramide con Marni Award by UNESCO for his charity work and he was the first Indian to be honored by this award .
Satyamev Jayate (T.V.Series) was a show based on the discussion on social issues like child labour ,health problems etc. hosted by the well known actor Aamir Khan .It helped in spreading education among the people about the issues and it donated a big amount (Rs 22,30,64,210) to help the non governmental organizations across India.
Salman Khan had started a organization called Being Human which use to sell T-shirts and other products and he had decided to give a portion of the sales to the unprivileged. In 2011,he started a production house called SKBH Productions and he decided that the money generated from the production will be donated to Being Human. First film made under this production house was ‘Chillar Party’, which won 3 National Awards.He is also doing a film related on social issues ‘Jai Ho’ and he is trying to make it tax free across the country.

Charlie Chaplin

He needs no introduction.
Extraordinarily-Famed Silent-Screen Tramp Character, Producer, Actor, Director and Dialogue-Less Comedian of both the Silent and Sound Eras; One of Hollywood's First Super-Stars, he was a genius of silent comedy. His famous speech from GREAT DICTATOR says it all. Let us hear the voice straight from the heart.