Makha Bucha

On the 15th day of the third lunar month is Makha Bucha Day and this year it was on 14 February 2014. What do we do on this day are
'TUM BOON': Making merit by going to temples for special observances, making merit, listening to Dhamma preaching, giving some donations and join in the other Buddhist activities.
'RUB SIL': Keeping the Five Precepts, including abstinence from alcoholic drinks and all kinds of immoral acts.
'TUK BARD': Offering food to the monks and novices (in the alm bowl).
'VIEN TIEN': Attending the Candle Light Procession around the Uposatha Hall, in the evening of the Vesak full moon day.


Epiphany is a Christian Feast day which commemorates the appearance of God the Son as a Human being in Jesus Christ. It is traditionally celebrated on January 6, the twelfth day after Christmas (which is the last day of Christmas merrymaking). Legend says that it is unlucky to leave Christmas decorations hanging after the twelfth night, but some European cultures extend it to as long as forty days (until February 2). Western Christians celebrate this as the visit of the three wise men (the Magi) to baby Jesus, while Eastern Christians celebrate this as the day when Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River. One interesting fact is that the Priest announced the date of Easter on the day of epiphany! The star that guides the wise men to Christ also symbolizes Epiphany, as well as the three gifts they gave to Jesus:
 Gold (fit for a king).
 Frankincense (used to worship at a temple).
 Myrrh (used for embalming, as well as a salve for irritation).
Epiphany is one of the oldest Christian feasts, celebrated even before the establishment of Christmas holiday.
Above all, epiphany symbolizes the essence of SHARE and CARE, much the same as Christmas does. The Magi shared their gifts with Jesus, who in turn cared for the whole world. Even while he was being crucified, he asked God to forgive the people for their sins.
I would like to show you photos of Songkran festival. There are many rituals to do in this festival. One of the activities is pour water and pay respect Buddha’s statue.