Sharing and Caring is very important in sports. In America we highly value being kind and showing good sportsmanship when playing sports. It is the most important part of American sports.

Games and Sports are a wonderful medium to bring about unity around the world. They promote peace and well being while also enhancing the virtue of teamwork in those who play them. Moreover, friendly matches are sometimes played in order to raise money for the purpose of helping the poor. On various occasions, like when a country is hit by a natural disaster, these matches are played in popular sports in other countries and the money earned in the process is very helpful for the relief of the affected people. My favorite example is the footballer idol, Cristiano Ronaldo. He turned down an invite to an award ceremony and stayed back to play a friendly match to raise money for the poor. He also sold off his hard earned golden boot award, and donated the money to the suffering people in Palestine. He gives a generous amount of his salary to poor people in Portugal, his native country

Cristiano Ronaldo donating his Golden Boot.

Michael Sam

Ronaldo Playing for Portugal.

Recently an NFL prospect named Michael Sam announced to the public that he was gay. He is projected to be a 3rd-5th round pick and will become the first openly gay NFL player in the league. He was a first team All-American and plays DE. Hopefully the NFL and its fans will accept him and support him throughout his career.